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  • Information about my books and Culture Shock Toolbox. I spent many years moving and traveling from country to country and found the transitions particularly invigorating or nerve-wracking, depending on the day. I wanted to share what I learned in the hope that it might benefit someone else. So, if you’re heading out of the country, state or even city, take a look!
  • Interviews with women in all kinds of professions. Growing up I couldn’t identify with any of the jobs I saw around me which means I had a hard time envisaging a future there. I started this interview series to talk about all kinds of different jobs women do and what that means, specifically. In all interviews we talk about leadership – of course each time in a different context. I love these interviews and hope you will too.

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Hi, I'm H.E, a TCK and the author of Culture Shock - A Practical Guide. Love the outdoors. Motto: onwards and forwards! In search of perspective. If you'd like to get to know me a little better, head on over to the menu and click "For readers".